Transfer to China of foreign magnetic materials industry

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In recent years, magnetic materials industry in Western developed countries to developing countries have mainly compared to other industries, magnetic materials industry, labor-intensive, high power consumption and declining product prices and other factors; In addition, as the magnetic materials industry in China the rise and development of magnetic products in the field of middle and low price of foreign products can not compete. Now some foreign famous manufacturers optimistic about China's magnetic materials, such as Japan's TDK, FDK, NICERAMIC, EPSON and so on, Europe PHILIPS, Germany, VAC and EPCOS, the United States MAGNEQUENCH all branches established in China. In the future, TDK Japan headquarters produce only power ferrite products, such as power transformer power transformer cores and communications. These products in the U.S. market and the increasing number of communications applications. Japan NICERAMIC started a joint venture with the magnetic plant, profit after that, and now owned enterprises established in Kunshan, soft ferrite production growth year after year, the current total production reached about 5,000 tons. FDK ring of gold in Nanjing and Nanjing joint venture, annual production of thousands of tons of soft magnetic cores. EPSON is its native Japan, the magnetic device manufacturing plant fully transferred to Shanghai, the establishment of large-scale production base of magnetic devices to further meet the computers, information appliances, cameras and other electronic information products, the demand for magnetic devices. EPSON magnetic device base is completed, can reduce costs by 15%, bonded NdFeB magnets will expand annual production to 400 tons, which became the world's second largest business area. Now a joint venture with the ring to become Asia's largest manufacturer of bonded NdFeB. Magnetic U.S. Maige Kun set up a company in Tianjin, an annual tonnage of 2,000 quenched Bonded NdFeB magnet powder base, the main bullish on China and Asia market. In addition, the Netherlands, Philips is also partial to color all of the core production to China while preparing for the oxygen in the establishment of the soft magnet production base, development of MnZn soft ferrite cores. Germany's Siemens to separate magnetic materials, rare earth permanent magnetic materials formed VAC, EPCOS ferrite established companies, two companies set up branches in China, and production companies to expand in Asia market. Magnetic materials industry in Taiwan Province of large enterprises, Guangdong Province, China has basically established its own wholly-owned enterprises or joint ventures. NdFeB magnet production companies such as Hain companies, production enterprises show soft waves, etc., have owned enterprises in Dongguan. Some companies, such as Hong Kong's Xu Hui, etc., in Guangdong Province, has his own production company. Now only file Dongguan, Taiwanese production of nickel-zinc soft ferrite cores up to 0.5 tons -1 million tons / year, to become one of the world's largest production base. CROSS Taiwan and Guangdong in Kunshan, China has the production of soft magnetic iron body production base, production of tons.
Magnetic foreign production companies to the Chinese advance and enhance the total production of China's magnetic materials and product quality, expanding the ranks of China's magnetic materials industry, has accelerated the magnetic materials in China become the world's production base and sales market of the building.

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