Ning magnetic and orderly expansion of the company in

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Magnetic Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. Ningbo Ning third phase expansion project that is integrated in the office building is in full swing.

After the 2010 U.S. subprime mortgage crisis washed a full recovery magnetic industry in China, Ningbo Ning magnetic magnetic material from the company production of MnZn Ferrite by years of accumulated technology, equipment, manpower and other advantages at full overtime production.

Throughout the year the company developed a new variety of special-shaped magnetic core, magnetic bar, the traditional core orders are in short supply. The Board discussed and decided by the company do the original production, quality, sales and other office hardware transformation and upgrading.

In the construction of an integrated area of 400 square meters office building, with a total area of nearly 2000 square meters, after the completion of the company in all aspects of production efficiency and product quality greatly improved and improved.

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